7paintball, Airsoft & Firearms

Paintball, Airsoft & Firearms

Repairs/Service Hourly Rate:

Paintball - $30 (mechanical marker) and $35 (electronic marker) per hour ($30 minimum charge). We are a factory warranty repair center for Tippmann Sports and Planet Eclipse.

Airsoft - $35 an hour, ($30 minimum charge) If a gear box has to be opened it is a $40 minimum charge.

Does not include parts. Most repairs/services are $30-$50.

We have Factory Trained paintball techs for Tippmann Sports, Planet Eclipse, Empire/JT Paintball.. but it doesn't stop there. At 7pbA we have years of experience with Dye, Dangerous Powers, Alien, Bob Long, and Spyder/Piranha.

Our airsoft team has years of experience with all types of rifles/pistols. AEG's, GBBR's and HPA applications. With so many parts in stock we get you back up and on the field faster!

--Free labor service for as long as you own your gun. Free service not transferable.
--New or used paintball or airsoft guns only. Batteries not included.
--Parts NOT included. MSRP/MAP on parts. No discounts on parts.
--Must register purchase. Registration makes you a Friend of 7pbA, good for future discounts.


If you have been around paintball/airsoft long enough, sooner or later, you will hear the term the “Hydro test.” Basically the paintball cylinder that you have on your paintball marker needs to be retested for its serviceability every three to five years.

If your tank is out of hydro we can get it tested for you.  Testing usually takes 7 - 14 days. All our hydrotesting is done locally and is not shipped out. Wanting to upgrade? Sure thing bring in your out of date tank and we will buy it from you.