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Battle of Hoth 2017

John GeorgeComment

Each season is its own special gift and every game blesses us with new challenges in the company of great friends. This season's opener, much like our last trip to Hoth, presented a fresh batch of fun with a mud-topping only a true paintballer could enjoy. Last year, Hoth messed with our minds serving up freezing conditions that tested both player resolve and equipment. This year, warmer temps led to a spring-like thaw that further led to mud-sliding all over. . .and it never stopped one of us. 400+ brothers and sisters converged at Blastcamp to celebrate the game that brings us together. It was outstanding to see our buddies in Knuckleheads, Phalanx, Punishers, Blastcamp Revolution, Splat City Assault and others. We loved catching up with Integrity Shots and Apollo Media (watch for photos from the game from them and several other photgraphers at the event). Valken provided the fuel for us to enjoy the day and Virgil and his elite (is it too much to say elite?) staff provided the safe confines for us to cure our cabin fever during one of the mildest days in February we've ever seen. We were fortunate to have enjoyed a hard fought victory as part of the Rebels, but in the end, it was the game we love that got the best of us all. 

With new friends, busy event calendars and a season of possibility ahead of us, Fringe Division Paintball wishes everyone a happy and healthy season. We'll see you on the field!