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June 2016 - Mad Max Fight for Survival

PaintballJohn GeorgeComment

Mad Max: Fight for Survival - It's always best to get these done right after the game when the memories are still fresh in mind. . .luckily, there were a LOT of memorable moments during Red Feather Paintball's first scenario game. First, we should congratulate Red Feather Paintball. The game was innovative, well balanced and well controlled by the best refs in paintball, the Blastcamp reffing crew.

Congratulations to Tony Odinson, victorious general for the Bullet Farm. It was a blast to follow your direction and Fringe not only appreciates, but RESPECTS the way you approach the game. You sir, made the game enjoyable for your team.

Most importantly, thanks to Blastcamp and Virgil Frey. This field and its owner attract the kind of players you want to spend a weekend and your precious time with. On a day that couldn't have been any better, hundreds of brothers and sisters in paint came to one place in Indiana to have a great time. . .and it happened to be a missile base.

Finally, the fun of our day was well supported by our sponsors in Planet Eclipse and 7 Paintball and Airsoft. We have rarely considered a jersey and pants a part of our equipment, but that is just what they have become. While paintballs were bouncing off our Eclipse uniforms, we were launching return fire with our Eclipse markers seconds after. A fully equipped Planet Eclipse player is a truly dangerous player and we are fortunate to have your support.

Next up for Fringe Division? We are looking forward to Fallout at Fort Knox in July and we hope to see you there!