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March 2016 - Fox Paintball: Indiana Jones and the Legendary Artifacts

PaintballJoe WagnerComment

Indiana Jones. . .Fox Paintball made it easy for everyone to come out and enjoy a great day of paintball with its unique Indiana Jones and the Legendary Artifacts scavenger hunt this weekend. Broken down into head-to-head battles for artifacts and prizes on several of its main fields, Fox welcomed players of all skill levels for its first big event of the season. Fringe played key roles throughout the day, capturing artificats, overtaking buildings and recovering the Arc of the Covenant (a nearly 200 lb. prop) with strategic planning and skill.

Two of our new Planet Eclipse CS1's were out to play today and had more then a few players talking. We let some players handle them and they loved the feel the of the larger grips and the smooth shot. When recovering the Arc, one player even asked to use our marker to help us with extra cover fire while we brought the Arc home. He definitely seemed to like it. 

Overall it was a great game and we had a lot of fun. During the course of the day some artifacts contained tickets for discounts on paint and we were happy to donate them back to the field owner to be handed out to some of his rental players coming back to return their equipment. We certainly hope to see those players come back out to the next event and shoot that paint alongside us.

There are some great events to look forward to on Fox's calendar for 2016 and we sure can't wait to go back.