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February 2016 - Blastcamp: Battle of Hoth

PaintballJoe WagnerComment

Battle of Hoth . . . It's hard to know where to begin when you sit down a day after to write up an event report that is so unlike any other event you've ever been to. A scenario game based on the frozen planet of its movie namesake, reality surpassed movie fiction with temps as low as 6 degrees at the start of the game and a balmy 15 degrees near the end of the day. 

Nearly 500 players took to the frozen nooks and darkened buildings of Blastcamp and fought hard, but not against each other as much as their equipment (honestly, even our cameras wouldn't work in the cold!) It wouldn't be a game without an outcome, and the Rebels claimed victory, but the weather was the true opponent this day. . .and we all enjoyed every minute of the battle. Guns of all brands, makes and models gave players fits throughout the day, but to be honest, Fringe Division took our new GTeks for a spin and they couldn't have been more reliable. When Planet Eclipse said they tested these things in meat lockers, it might have sounded like a joke. We tested them on the frozen planet of Hoth. . .and the pew pew was strong all day long. We loaned one out, first game ever out of the box, and it worked like a machine. 

No matter what anyone tells you, paintball is a family sport and our family came out strong on one of the coldest days of the winter and boldly stated "it's time for paintball!" We look forward to seeing our family for a LOT more events in 2016, but truth be told. . .we're hopeful for some higher temps at our next meeting! 

Thank you so much to Blastcamp for providing a fantastic backdrop for a season opener and stories nobody will ever believe. Thank you 7paintball for coming out and snapping some photos of us with your cell phone when our cameras couldn't muster a click. Thank you Planet Eclipse for providing us with the reliable tools to make playing in this kind of cold a reality, and thanks to you all for being there! 

Finally, Fringe is trying something new this year. We are designing what we are calling "Battle-Cards" for each event and they will accompany these event reports. These digital "cards" will be tagged with each of our players who participated at the event and represent the theme from each one. In the past, these were the patches we all coveted so much, but those days seem long gone. If you dig the concept, feel free to do the same for your team, we won't mind at all. Recognize your team, promote the game and grow the sport!