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April 2016 - Fort Knox: The Walking Dead

PaintballJoe WagnerComment

The Walking Dead. . .Fringe Division Paintball finally returned from a weekend of fantastic balling at Fort Knox in Indiana.

First and foremost, if you have never been to the field, you should add it to your list of must visits. Staff was top notch, Refs were on point and the players made the roller coaster weather more enjoyable than it should have been. The weather really was a challenge too. We had snow, rain, wind, mud and freezing temps for more hours than we care to discuss. . .but our Eclipse gear roared through it all and performed without a hiccup. Fringe got in on as many as half a dozen or more successful missions, collected slap sticks like candy on Halloween, earned style chip points for taking time out to help a player and then brought him on a run to overtake the bridge and made friends at every turn. The pew pew was strong this weekend and we finally got photos to prove it. Check out our album for pics taken in game. These moments were made by you and caught on camera by us. . .so they belong to you. Share them with friends and show them the fun you had at Fort Knox and tell them the stories behind this great game we love so much. . .then bring them to the next game. April is only half over. . .so there's a lot more paintball to be played!