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If you purchase a firearm from another gun dealer/shop, the transfer fee is $25 for cash transaction and $28 for credit transaction.  This is for up to four (4) firearms when all the firearms in a single transfer are purchased at the same time, from the same dealer/shop and they arrive at more or less the same time. An additional fee of $20 or $25 will be added for each addition four (4) firearms or fraction thereof.

To arrange for a transfer, complete the purchase and notify the selling FFL that we will be your receiving FFL.  Ask them if we are already of their list of approved FFLs.  Chances are good that we are.  If we are, please notify us by email at 7pba@att.net.  Let us know the name of the seller/shop, their email address and their phone number.

If we are not on their list of approved FFLs, let us know the name, email and phone number of their shop.  We will contact them and get them a copy of our FFL.