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CODENAME: Thunder XI @ Legacy in Lockport August 2-3rd 2014

  • Legacy Paintball & Airsoft 2807 Canal St Lockport, IL, 60441 United States (map)

In the late 1980s select members of the Soviet Union and Communist Chinese intelligence coomunities met in a clandestine meeting to discuss the future of world politics and specifically, how to reign in US power. A longterm strategy was put into motion that included among other things, the dismantlement of the Soviet Union, and massive trade deficits with the US to weaken its economy.

Once in motion, the members met every few years to recap and adjust plans to better fit the changing global picture. In 2015, it was time to execute the final phase.

All at once in a stroke of luck and meticulous planning, China and Russia hit the US with an economic attack, devaluing the US Dollar, multiple cyber attacks to most of its infastructure and defense systems and a few well placed EMP attacks. Next, Chinese troops and equipment hit the west coast of the mainland US hidden in thousands of shipping containers in US ports. Simultaneously, Russian soldiers and Spetznaz also emerged from containers in US ports on the east coast. In an orchestrated move, Russian mafia had been immigrating and smuggling thousands of Russians into the US, precisely for this reason. Those troops hit the Central US.

Luckily for America, the Pentagon has contingency plans in place for such an event. CODENAME: Thunder is the first part of this counter-insurgency plan. US SOCOM has sent in specialized troops to work with local militia and paramilitary groups that are holding the Commie advances back, to gather further intel, snatch and grab particular Soviet and Chinese leaders and recover or stop any nuclear or biological warfare instruments before it is too late... 

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