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LL7 - Living Legends of Paintball


Living Legends PRE-Registration – $50.00
Unlimited Air/CO2 Fills – $14.95 (One Per Person)


Case of Marballizer Paintballs – $74.95
Case of Evil Paintballs – $74.95
Case of 6 BT M8 Event Paint Grenades – $29.95


All items are limited edition and will not be produced again. We will have limited quantities available at the event so make sure to pre-order. All pre-ordered items will be available for pick up at the event.

HK Army Custom Jersey – $124.95 (Custom Name)
Event T-Shirt – $19.95
HK Army Event Headband – $19.95
HK Army Event Headwrap – $24.95
HK Army Event Barrel Sock – $6.95

At the PSP World Cup of 2007, Myself (Sean Scott of Smart Parts, Inc.), Craig Miller (Procaps LP), and Paul Dagnino (CPX Sports) were out to dinner at the famous Kobe Steakhouse in Kissimmee, FL. During our dinner, Craig and I started to talk about the “old” days of paintball and telling Paul all of the crazy stories of the past. I eventually stopped the conversation and said “We always talk about the old days and old stories… we need to make new stories. Let’s do a new event, but scenario, and let’s make it industry based.” The talk progressed and eventually Paul coined the name “Living Legends”, and the game would be located at one of the nation’s most impressive paintball venues, CPX Sports. CPX Sports is an amazing facility that is centrally located in the Unites Stated making it very easy for players to attend from all over the world. Wayne Dollack, recognized as the father of the 24 hour roleplaying paintball scenario, was brought in, along with “Viper” of Viper Paintball, to help run the game and the very first “Living Legends” was born. Viper has run the scenario since then, tweaking the format to work with the unique environment at CPX Sports.

Living Legends 1 in 2008 went off during April with 650 players and many Living Legends of paintball in attendance to help make the event what it is today. Since that inaugural game we have added the NPPL Chicago Open tournament to the Living Legends event, bringing in more vendors and players. The field was a challenge to design a scenario game and Viper has done a great job developing an exclusive format to help utilize the entire field over the first 4 events. Living Legends V was truly the best event we have done yet. With the addition of more sponsors and media partners, a new website, and new logos; Living Legends had a rebirth in 2012 that will help carry it on in the future.

CPX Sports, Viper Paintball, and I work really hard to make this not only a game, but an event. “CPX Sports Living Legends Produced by Viper” has become a true paintball festival where the players can mingle and play with some of the top names in the paintball industry of past and present. This event is for the players and paintball industry members to create new stories that they can take with them and remember for the rest of their lives and to keep the passion going.

Sean Scott
Director of Awesomeness

Later Event: May 17